Ritz-Carlton Spa Fresh Hair & Skincare Set

Around the globe, this popular Ritz-Carlton Spa fragrance provides a serene atmosphere for our guests. Create your own soothing retreat with this four-piece set featuring our Clarifying Shampoo and Balancing Conditioner, Purifying Shower Gel and Replenishing Moisturizer. Perfect for enhancing your everyday ritual, restore from head to toe with a unique blend of botanical extracts such as aloe, calendula, chamomile and Vitamins A & E. Enjoy a crisp, citrus scent featuring aromatic essential oils, including pressed orange peel, eucalyptus, California grapefruit and Brazilian sweet orange.

Additional Details:

Citrus scent; Rich botanical extracts; 4-piece set; Choose from 10 oz. or 34 oz.; Includes Clarifying Shampoo, Balancing Conditioner, Replenishing Moisturizer and Purifying Shower Gel.