Ritz-Carlton Tuxedo Stripe Bedding Set

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Enjoy every elegant layer of your Ritz-Carlton bed with the Tuxedo Stripe Bedding Set. Featured in our luxury rooms and suites, our bedding set includes a plush featherbed to enhance your bed’s top comfort, a set of our elegant linens, signature duvet comforter and tuxedo-striped duvet cover. Matching Tuxedo Stripe pillowcases polish the dreamy look for extraordinary sleep and style every night.

Additional Details:

Includes: 1 Featherbed, 1 Featherbed Protector, 1 The Ritz-Carlton Duvet, 4 The Ritz-Carlton Pillows, 4 Pillow Protectors, 2 Tuxedo Stripe Pillowcases, 2 Tuxedo Stripe Pillow Shams, 1 Tuxedo Stripe Duvet Cover, 1 Tuxedo Stripe Flat Sheet and 1 Tuxedo Stripe Fitted Sheet.