Ritz-Carlton Outdoor Blanket

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Whether you’re a homebody or love the great outdoors, the Ritz-Carlton Outdoor Blanket will do more than keep you warm and dry. Perfect for boating, sporting events, picnics, camping and more, this essential throw blanket features durable, waterproof and windproof fabric with a luxurious faux white mink fur top. Fold and roll for easy carrying and storage with sturdy straps or waterproof duffle bag.

Additional Details:

Faux white mink front; Waterproof and windproof navy blue fabric back; Ample zippered pocket for storage; Includes durable carrying straps for easy handling; Packaged in a waterproof duffle bag; Machine washable; Size options: Medium (33" x 40" / 3 lbs.), Large (50" x 70" / 8 lbs.).