Ritz-Carlton Archipelago White Birch Candle

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Bring the piney musk of the outdoors inside. Fragrant with notes of pine, the White Birch candle has a woodsy scent that recalls cozy cabins, warm mugs and soft blankets. It is made of a slow-burning handmade natural soy wax blend and stylishly set in a decorative apothecary jar with The Ritz-Carlton Lion & Crown emblem.

Additional Details:

Notes of Black Currant & Douglas Fir; Hand-made natural soy wax blend; Decorative apothecary jar with lid; Features Lion & Crown emblem on lid and wrap; Approx. 60 hour burn time; Candles should not be burned for more than 3 consecutive hours; 3" diameter x 4" high vessel size; 8.6 oz.