Ritz-Carlton Citrus Zest

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Fill your home with invigorating notes of lemon, tart rhubarb and sweet melon artfully paired with warming notes of blonde wood for a truly remarkable sensory experience. The Citrus Zest room diffuser refill brings a hint of freshness to every room. Diffuse with The Ritz-Carlton Room Diffuser to begin enjoying. Receive your favorite fragrance, or discover new scents, with a monthly subscription plan.

Additional Details:

Notes of bright citrus, tart rhubarb and sweet melon; Room Diffuser machine sold separately; Patented micro-droplet technology; Capsule lasts over 300 hours; Freshens up to 500 square feet; 3.25" H, 1.75" W (at base) and 2" W (at top); Made in USA